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The Now Show
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A community for fans of The Now Show on BBC Radio 4.

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Hello. We're now_show, and we're here to discuss (read, squee over) the rather fabulous Radio 4 topical comedy programme The Now Show. Vids, fic, icons, recording reports, links and general "OMGILOVETHENOWSHOW" posts are all welcome (as well as discussion of the abundant subtext which is practically inseparable from any and all Now Show broadcasts), and feel free to tell us all about the wonderful phenomenon that is Now Show Cast Members Appearing in Other Things.

A few points:
• no introductory posts, please.
• if you post anything particularly long, put it under a cut (learn how here).
• we'd appreciate you friends-locking anything slash-related. Safe not sorry, yeah?
• when posting icons, they must be related to The Now Show (or at least one cast member); any more than 4 and they should go behind a cut, but we don't mind the whole 3-outside-as-an-example thing.
• don't flame, don't troll, just be very nice and we'll all get along, okay?

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Lizz (teenagelogic) and Amy (pinkamethyst) - moderators.

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